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I'm a Graphic &
Web Designer

A creative Graphic Designer with 6 + years of experience, has
great attention to detail and a strong passion for design.

Objective: Looking for an organization, which could provide me an
opportunity to prove my innovation, technical skills
and my abilities.

What I Do

I’m currently living in Indore, India. Working with a pharmaceutical company as a packaging designer. I love designing & have a passion for designing. Aside from designing I love learning new things like making short movies.


My Skills



My Work

Here are some design pieces I have worked on. Click on each image to open.

Sandeep Dubey

185, Sanghi Street, Mhow
Dist. Indore (M.P.) 453441

Cell:- +91 9754280815
Phone: +91 7324 276319 (Resi.)

e-mail : sandeepd1978@gmail.com
web address : www.sandeepdubey.co.in